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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso 

I still remember the first time I decided that selling my artwork was the only thing I wanted to do. I was in early grade school, maybe 6 or 7 at the time, and my mom was driving me home from school when I saw a young man trying to sell art from his driveway. He had laid out all his prints and kept them from blowing away using rocks to hold them down. I asked my mom what the man was doing and she explained to me that he was trying to get people to stop and purchase his work. I was excited to learn that you could actually sell something that you drew or made! Of course at the time I was busy with She-Ra coloring books (it was the 80's after all) and I told her I was going to go home and color everything from those books and sell them in our driveway! She politely informed me the best that she could that no one would want to buy a colored She-Ra picture. I still went home and colored my little heart out to get "ready" for the day I would be good enough to sell my work. I'm still coloring in coloring books today... 

     J.Bird Cremeans was born and raised in Huntington WV. While attending a high school that had the best art program in the state at the time, she met an art teacher named Marlalie Boyd and so began her art career. Ms. Boyd and her fellow art teachers were so talented at helping their art students secure scholarships that they were very well known by the major art colleges and universities on the eastern side of the U.S. 

       J.Bird received a partial scholarship to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to study animation. After graduating and returning home, she was disappointed to discover that the high school art program that was so well known had been shut down in favor of the "No Child Left Behind" Act and a focus on test scores. 

      While she did not receive a degree in the Education field J.Bird has found a love for it perhaps taking after her father who is a guitar/banjo teacher who also fell in love with teaching. "I feel as though teaching can come from the heart if you truly let it. I discovered I loved it when I started teaching a Photoshop class at the local community college. The feedback and learning experience I got from that was incredible." 

    J.Bird works out of her home studio spending many hours creating art and sharing it with the world through social media and fine art fairs. Current employers include  Tri-State Living Magazine, Glenn's Sporting Goods, Ashland Community and Technical College in Ashland Ky.


Objective: Continue working on my goal to sell my artwork through out the U.S.A. and build up my art business through networking with fellow artists, students, and the general public.


  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • Associate Degree in Specialized Technology
  • Major: Computer Animation
  • Merit Scholarship recipient 2000-2003

 Training and experience in the following areas and software:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Concept Art
  • Figure Drawing
  • Character Design
  • Storyboarding
  • 2d Animation

Current Employers:

  • Tri-State Living Magazine
Hired as a freelance photographer in 2015. Assignments vary every month but include photographing people, restaurants, food, architecture, and other images corresponding to the articles. 
  • Glenn's Sporting Goods-Graphic Artist for Art Department

Employed as a graphic artist, product photographer, and website manager in Huntington, WV

Duties include collaborating with Sales Reps and customers to develop sports-themed artwork and logos for uniforms and spirit packs. Photographing products and adding them to the companies website.

  •  Ashland Community and Technical College- Photography and Photoshop instructor

Since teaching the first Intro to Photography class the demand for quality camera instruction has skyrocketed with classes quickly filling up every time J.Bird offers a class. Check out the blog or Facebook page to see when new classes are being offered. One on one tutoring is available as well.

Past Experience:

  • Johnson Photo Plus

Employed as a Graphic Artist and Photography Lab Technician in Huntington, WV from August 2004-February 2007.

Helped company make a major decision to move forward on purchasing InDesign, a leading graphic design layout program based on a 30 day trial CD. I acquired enough knowledge of this new program to move forward on major design projects within 2 days.

Assigned job as designer of elementary school yearbooks, sports programs, memory books, and other related projects.

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